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description In Melee At Range With Traps

Elemental Interactions Wizards use elemental spells to fight. Most wizards specialize in one element; so to hunt a wizard you should learn the elemental interactions. Water (sal) is strong against Fire (srad), Fire is strong against Air (athar), Air is strong against Earth (creag), and Earth is strong against Water. For more details on elemental interactions, see the Elements chapter.

Find out what the wizard's most powerful element is, and wear a belt that is the same element to minimize damage. For example, wear a Sea Belt when fighting a Sal wizard. Avoid the element that is weak to the wizard's element. Wearing a Fire Belt against a Sal wizard will cause you to take extra damage.

Beware of the fas nadur spells. Fas nadur intensifies the defense element of the target. Fas nadur is covered in more detail in the Spells chapter.

Magic resistant items, like Gramail consecrated items and Rings of Eternal Love, are very helpful when fighting a wizard. These items make it more likely for spells to miss the target. See the Enchantments chapter for more information.

description In Melee At Range With Traps
In Melee

Move in fast and hit hard. There is nothing you can do to keep a wizard from casting except to kill her or keep her on the run.

Use Suain to immobilize the wizard so he can not flee. Ambush may help you close in quicker.

description In Melee At Range With Traps
At Range

Like the priest, ranged combat with wizards is a contest of mana levels. Use your strongest spells and cast as fast as you can. Prahm spells will stop the wizard for a few moments.

As with the priest, Puinneag Spiorad will drain all mana from the wizard and leave her helpless, if you can catch them unaware and group them.

description In Melee At Range With Traps
With Traps

Wizards will usually stand still and try to cast spells at rogues. The only way to trap an immobile aisling is to throw him onto the trap. Set a trap on one side of the wizard, then stand on the other side of him and use the throw skill.

Unlike priests, Wizards have no defense against poison, blindness, or sleep snares. A blind wizard will have trouble targeting spells, a poisoned wizard is easy prey for stab and twist, and a sleeping wizard is completely defenseless.

If you are hiding and a wizard does manage to locate you, a smoke bomb can blind him for a few moments, giving you a chance to run. Try to run in the direction the wizard least expects.

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