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Basic Elemental Interactions There are six elements in Temuair: earth, water, fire, air, light, and dark. The basic four elements, earth, water, fire, and air, compose a circle of strengths and weaknesses as shown in the picture to the right.

The word fas means strong. Creag fas sal means that earth elemental attacks is strong against water elemental defense. Water (sal) is strong against Fire (srad), Fire is strong against Air (athar), and Air is strong against Earth (creag).

An elemental attack is weakest against a matching elemental defense. For instance, water defense is best against sal spells.

Light and dark do not fit into the cycle of the basic elements. Dark and light attacks hurt about as much as a nuetral elemental attack. The advantage is that they are nuetral to all the basic elements, so you will not encounter creatures with strong defense against your attack. (Dracos and dubheimid are the exception. They have dark defense.) Dark defense is fairly strong against all elements except light. Deo Saighead is the only known light attack so it is hard to compare to other elemental interactions. Deo Saighead is very strong against dark defense elements. There is not yet any known light defense.

 Air   Earth   Water   Fire   Dark   None 
Air   25% 75% 45% 30% 35% 100%
Earth  30% 25% 75% 45% 35% 100%
Water  45% 30% 25% 75% 35% 100%
Fire  75% 45% 30% 25% 35% 100%
Dark  50% 50% 50% 50% 25% 63%
None  25% 25% 25% 25% 25% 25%
Light2  50% 50% 50% 50% 90% 100%
1 All percentages are approximated from data gathered first hand without the use of the Fas Nadur spell or any other spell enhancements.
2 Percentages in the Light Attack row are not scaled against other attack elements.

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Sensing Elements

Monks may sense the elemental attack nature and defense nature of beasts when they approach mastery of Echo Sense or Martial Awareness. Rogues may use Study Creature to sense elemental affinities of monsters and the Sense skill to find the elemental affinities of aislings. The attack nature only corresponds to the physical attacks of the creature. A single creature could cast spells of an element that doesn't match the its attack nature, and the defense nature could be yet a third element.

Aisling elementsAn aisling may sense his own elemental affinities even if he can not identify the items that are providing the elements. ((Open the stats page by pressing G or alt-G. The elements are in the top right corner. The top one is your attack nature. The one below it is your defense nature.))

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Belts provide an aisling with elemental defense. Wear a belt that matches the element you are being attacked with to minimize damage.
Fire Belt Fire belts provide fire defense.
Earth Belt Earth belts provide earth defense.
Sea Belt Sea belts provide water defense.
Wind Belt Wind belts provide air defense.
Dark Belt Dark belts provide dark defense.
Leather Belt Leather belts increase an aisling's wisdom in addition to providing elemental defense. ((+1 Wis))
Mythril Belt Mythril belts increase an aisling's constitution in addition to providing elemental defense. ((+1 Con))
Hybrasyl Belt Hybrasyl belts increase an aisling's wisdom and constitution in addition to providing elemental defense. ((+1 Wis, +1 Con))

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Necklaces can give an elemental affinity to aisling attacks. Wear a necklace that is fas against a creature's defense element for maximum damage. Many of these necklaces can be found without any element linked to it.
Earth Necklace Earth necklaces give no special benefit besides earth attacks.
Fire Necklace Fire necklaces give no special benefit besides fire attacks.
Sea Necklace Sea necklaces give no special benefit besides water attacks.
Wind Necklace Wind necklaces give no special benefit besides air attacks.
Pearl Necklace Pearl necklaces enhance the aim of aislings. ((+5 hit))
Gold Jade Necklace Gold Jade necklaces increase the damage aislings can cause. ((+1 damage))
Bone Necklace Bone necklaces enhance accuracy and damage. ((+5 hit, +1 damage))
Jade Necklace Jade necklaces greatly enhance accuracy. ((+10 hit))
Amber Necklace Amber necklaces greatly increase the damage and aisling causes. ((+2 damage))

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