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There are a number of spells available in Temuair that greatly enhance the abilities of aislings. It is far beyond the scope of this work to list every spell effect in Temuair. There are more detailed works of lore about the spells of various paths in the Library of Loures.

The spells listed here, with the exception of Fas Nadur, are cast by mundanes and have very long duration.

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Naomh Aite

Marlin Naomh Aite is a very powerful protective spell that reduces the damage caused to an aisling by about 50%.

Any aisling who has completed the Heart of Fire or Heart of Moon Quest may go to Marlin in the Loures Dungeon and he will cast a long duration version of the spell on the aisling and his party members. The aisling talking to Marlin will receive Naomh Aite, with the longest duration. Members of his group may receive Dia Naomh Aite Comlha, which lasts nearly as long as Naomh Aite. Others in the vicinity might get Naomh Aite Ionad, which does not last very long and is commonly referred to as "bad aite". If you receive Naomh Aite Ionad, wait for the effects to wear off and try again for Dia Naomh Aite Comlha.

Aisling priests may also learn to cast various forms of Naomh Aite, but these spells have a much shorter duration.

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Grimlok Alliance

Phailin, Grimlok Queen Grimlok Alliance, also known as Kyongkong, is most noted for preventing the Grimlok of Pravat cave from attacking an aisling. It has a secondary effect, which enhances the rate that aislings regenerate mana. Even if you do not intend to fight in Pravat Cave, it is wise to get Grimlok Alliance if you find yourself running out of mana often.

Evan in Pravat and Phailin, the Grimlok Queen, will cast Grimlok Alliance on an aisling. An aisling can not receive both Goblin Alliance and Grimlok Alliance at the same time.

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Goblin Alliance

Bahadir, Goblin Chieftain Goblin Alliance is similar to Grimlok Alliance, keeping Goblins of Pravat Cave from attacking the allied aisling. In addition, Goblin Alliance enhances the healing rate of the aisling exactly like the monk secret Inner Fire. ((+20 healing rate))

Evan in Pravat and Bahadir, the Goblin Chieftain, will cast Goblin Alliance on an aisling. An aisling can not receive both Goblin Alliance and Grimlok Alliance at the same time.

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Fas Nadur

Fas Nadur magnifies the elemental defense of the target. With a monk or rogue who can identify the defense element of a monster and an assortment of elemental necklaces, a party can easily defeat powerful creatures. An aisling with a dark belt and fas nadur is greatly protected from all elements.

Fas Nadur is not cast by any mundanes. You must seek an aisling wizard to cast the various forms of this spell.

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