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There are many potions in Temuair. Below is a description of the most common potions and effects. There are more detailed works of lore about herbalism and potions in the Library of Loures.

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Healing Potions

Healing potions replenish the health of an aisling. Note that foods will also heal aislings, but the effects of most foods are minimal.
Healing potions are listed from most potent to least potent.
Hydele Deum: A powerful herbal remedy. Hydele Deum will heal all damage that an aisling has received. Herbalists make hydele deum.
Ard Ioc Deum: A rare magical elixir. Ard Ioc Deum heals a tremendous amount of damage. Be careful not to confuse Ard Ioc Deum with Beothaich Deum, which looks identical. Ard ioc deum is found deep in the East Woods and several other deep hunting grounds.
Honey Honey: A sweet natural remedy. Honey is not actually a potion, but is as potent as many herbal and magical remedies. Honey jars are received from mundane quests and Cail entreaties. Raw honey can be found wherever wasps are.
Mor Ioc Deum: A mid level magical elixir. Mor Ioc Deum is not as powerful as hydele deum or ard ioc deum and is rarely sought by aislings. Mor ioc deum can be found rarely in Dubheim castle.
Fifleaf Deum: A mild herbal remedy. Fifleaf is not very powerful. Since it requires as much labor and raw materials as hydele deum, fifleaf is rarely used. Herbalists can make fifleaf deum.

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Fior Potions

Fior Potions are elemental nodes used by wizards with leiseich spells to replenish willpower. Drinking fiors has no effect.
Fior Athar Fior Athar: Elemental air node.
Fior Creag Fior Creag: Elemental earth node.
Fior Sal Fior Sal: Elemental water node.
Fior Srad Fior Srad: Elemental fire node.

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Other Potions

Beag Spiorad Deum Beag Spiorad Deum: A mana replenisher. Beag Spiorad Deum will return a small amount of willpower. Beag spiorad deum can be found in Dubheim castle.
Beothaich Deum: The well known "red potion." Beothaich Deum is used to revive party members that are facing death. Face the aisling like you are trying to hit him and use the potion to restore him to life. Beothaich deum is made by aisling priests.
Betony Deum: A protective potion. Betony Deum will give the protective equivalent of a short duration aite spell, but this potion sometimes fails to work. Betony deum is made by aisling herbalists.
Hemloch Deum: A potent poison. Hemloch Deum will sap nearly all the life from an aisling that drinks it. Hemloch deum is made by aisling herbalists.
Personaca Deum: A poison remedy. Personaca deum will cleanse your blood of poisons. Personaca deum is made by aisling herbalists.

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