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Enchantment and Consecration

Most items in Temuair may be enchanted or consecrated to a god to provide a mystical boost to the person who wears them. Elemental items can not be consecrated or enchanted, nor can weapons, armor, helms, and some types of boots. See the Smithing chapter for weapon and armor enhancements.

Enchanted and consecrated items are most often found while hunting. If you seek a particular item, powerful wizards can provide enchantments and priests may consecrate items to their deity.

Enchanted and consecrated items are perishable. If you die with one of these items on your person or in your pack, it will break.

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Prayer necklaces do not grant the properties of other consecrated items.

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Rings enhance the health and mana of aislings. A few have additional properties as well. All rings except the ones with special properties (beyond health and mana enhancements) may be enchanted or consecrated.

Small Spinel Ring Small Spinel Ring: +300 health, +2 hit. Small spinel rings can not be enchanted further.
Small Emerald Ring Small Emerald Ring: +300 health, +2 damage. Small emerald rings can not be enchanted further.
Talos Ring Talos Ring: Insight 4, +100 health
Beryl Ring Beryl Ring: Insight 5, +50 mana
Ruby Ring Ruby Ring: Insight 6, +200 health
Coral Ring Coral Ring: Insight 7, +100 mana
Lapis Ring Lapis Ring: Insight 8, +300 health
Red Jade Ring Red Jade Ring: Insight 10, +100 health, +50 mana
Amethyst Ring Amethyst Ring: Insight 12, +200 health, +100 mana
Spinel Ring Spinel Ring: Insight 12, +500 health, +2 hit. Spinel rings can not be enchanted further.
Emerald Ring Emerald Ring: Insight 12, +500 health, +2 damage. Emerald rings can not be enchanted further.
Jade Ring Jade Ring: Insight 16, +300 health, +150 mana
Grave Ring Grave Ring: +150 mana. There are many rumors about these rings having additional abilities. None have been verified. To debunk two false rumors, aislings still get scars when wearing a grave ring, and grave rings do not noticeably affect undead creatures.
Black Pearl Ring: ?
Signet Ring: +1 to all attributes! Signet rings can not be enchanted further.
Eternal Love Ring Ring of Eternal Love: +20% magic resistance. Rings of Eternal Love can not be enchanted further.

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Other Enhancement Items

Earrings, belts, boots, and bracers also enhance the aisling who wears them. Belts are covered in the Elements chapter. Earrings, boots, and bracers can also be enchanted or consecrated for even greater effects. For example, Luathas coral earrings are very popular. ((+3 Int!))

Reryl Earrings
Beryl Earrings: Stimulate thought processes. ((+1 Int))
Coral Earrings
Coral Earrings: Greatly enhance memory and problem solving skills. ((+2 Int))
Ruby Earrings
Ruby Earrings: Enhance thinking and strength. ((+1 Str, +1 Int))
Silver Earrings Silver Earrings: Increase strength. ((+1 Str))
Gold Earrings Gold Earrings: Give a tremendous boost to strength. ((+2 Str))
Cured Boots Cured Boots: Give a minor increase in dexterity. ((+1 Dex))
Shagreen Boots Shagreen Boots: Give a moderate increase in dexterity.((+2 Dex))
Cordovan Boots Cordovan Boots: Give a large increase in dexterity.((+3 Dex))
Saffian Boots Saffian Boots: Give a major increase in dexterity.((+4 Dex))
Magma Boots Magma Boots: Give a massive increase in dexterity.((+5 Dex))
Enchanted Boots Enchanted Boots: Give an amazing increase in dexterity.((+6 Dex))
Iron Bracers Iron Bracers: Give a minor increase in dexterity.((+1 Dex))
Mythril Bracer Mythril Bracers: Give a moderate increase in dexterity.((+2 Dex))
Hybrasyl Bracers Hybrasyl Bracers: Give a large increase in dexterity.((+3 Dex))
Iron Shield Iron Shield: The cold iron used to make this shield grants additional resistance to magic. ((+10% Magic resistance))

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