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Smithing and Tailoring

Smithing weapons and tailoring armor increases the effectiveness and value of the item while reducing the weight. Smithed or tailored items also require a higher insight to wear or wield than the plain counterpart.

Smithed weapons may be found while hunting, or a regular sword, soori dagger, or surigam may be smithed by an aisling rogue. A rogue with higher level of Bladesmith (found by looking at her legend) has a better chance of getting higher quality items. Rogues or warriors may assist a bladesmith to help increase the quality.

A rogue, monk, or warrior who has learned the tailor skill may tailor armor. An aisling's legend reveals his Tailor level. An aisling with a higher level of tailor has a greater chance of making higher quality items. Another tailor may assist in tailoring to raise the quality of the armor.

There are four grades of smithing/tailoring, in order from lowest to highest quality, good, fine, grand, and great.

Quality   Damage   Armor   Insight   Weight
Good +2 +1 +2 80%
Fine +4 +2 +4 60%
Grand +6 +3 +6 40%
Great +8 +4 +8 20%

Plain Moon Dagger
    S 45m65
    L 40m60
Insight: 30
Weight: 9
    Good Moon Dagger
    S 47m67
    L 42m62
Insight: 32
Weight: 7
Plain Gardcorp
Armor: -5
Insight: 1
Weight: 4
    Fine Gardcorp
Armor: -7
Insight: 5
Weight: 2

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