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description In Melee At Range With Traps

Monks are one of the most varied paths; though most you meet will be Draco form power monks. Before you fight a monk, try to find out want form they are. A monk's form is listed in her legend. That will provide a lot of information about how they fight.

Draco Draco Form:
This is the most common form. The stance makes the aisling invincible to physical damage for about 10 seconds. The Draco tail kick can kill even some 99th insight aislings in a single blow and strikes in all directions putting anyone next to the monk in danger. Even the snort can sting an aisling.
White Bat White Bat Form:
The second most common form. White bat stance hides the monk from view. Read the Aisling Rogue chapter for helpful hints when dealing with hidden aislings. The other white bat skills have no special effect in the arena.
Kelberoth Kelberoth Form:
Kelberoth form has been declining in recent deochs, since the full potential of draco tail kick has been widely realized. The kelberoth strike does a great deal of damage, but also hurts the monk. The stance makes the aisling temporarily stronger. Roar has no apparent effect on aislings.
Scorpion Scorpion Form:
Scorpion is a very rare form. The stance enhances the armor of the monk. The other skills have very little effect in the arena.

Some other Monk abilities:

description In Melee At Range With Traps
In Melee

Monks are tricky combatants. Be wary of ambush or you may find yourself swinging at air while the monk is pummeling your vertebrae. Don't use auto hit on a monk. Keep your eye on him and be ready to turn in an instant

If you are fighting a monk with Dion or Draco Stance, try to time your most powerful attacks to strike after the stance ends. You will have a very short window when she is vulnerable.

description In Melee At Range With Traps
At Range

As with warriors, the key to fighting a monk is to keep him at range where he can not hurt you. However with ambush and throw, an aisling barrier is not likely to keep them at bay for long. Standing behind walls and other inanimate objects can effectively block a monk for a time.

Hit a monk as hard and fast as you can. If the monk gets close, abort the spell you are casting and run. Chances are you will not finish the spell anyway if you stand your ground. Prahm can give you a few extra moments to get away.

description In Melee At Range With Traps
With Traps

Most monks are able to cure poison and blindness, so those traps and snares may not be very useful. Try one of each to see the range of your opponent’s abilities. If they do not have the skills to remove the affliction, it can cripple the monk as easily as any warrior.

Sleep traps and snares work great on monks, and since they are less armored than warriors, a rogue can do a fair amount of damage just bashing on them.

Monks can ambush from up to 2 paces away to bypass your traps, however, if they land on a trap after ambushing, the trap is triggered. When luring a monk, always keep a sleep or maiden trap at your back.

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