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description In Melee At Range With Traps

Warriors are the brute fighters of aislings and usually the easiest to predict. This in no means makes them easy to hunt. Warriors make up for lack of variety with their sheer power and ability to take damage. They also have the most powerful physical weapons and best armor of all paths.

Warriors can only attack things in front of them, and do the most damage at melee range. Warriors have one ranged attack, called windblade, which lets them attack anything in a straight line in front of them.

Warriors may also be able to paralyze an aisling in front of them with beag suainBeag Suain. An aisling paralyzed by this secret can still attack and use all skills and secrets. Only movement is restricted.

description In Melee At Range With Traps
In Melee

Melee is what a warrior does best. Two things can beat a warrior in toe-to-toe combat; a monk with dion and lots of willpower, or a stronger, healthier warrior.

There are a couple tricks that might help against an aisling warrior in melee. Sidestepping works with aisling warriors as it does with a Common Beast, though aislings tend to face you much quicker. Ambush, the monk skill, works even better on aislings. Monsters turn the moment you ambush them, but most aislings take a few moments to react.

description In Melee At Range With Traps
At Range

Warriors are easy prey at range, but they will close in as quickly as possible. Stay as far away as you can, and try not to stand in line where the warrior can use his windblade.

If possible, block his movement either with inanimate objects or strong aislings. While the warrior struggles with the barrier, you can assault him with spells.

Prahm can give you a few extra moments to get away from a warrior, should you need to flee.

description In Melee At Range With Traps
With Traps

Warriors are extremely susceptible to traps. Damage traps might seem the most obvious routes, but some warriors can withstand even the strongest maiden trap. After stepping on a trap, the warrior will usually freeze until they can heal. A brave rogue might try to throw a warrior onto the next trap. Be wary, the warrior will attack you if he knows you are close.

Blind traps and snares are only partially effective, because a blind warrior can still sense the proximity of things ((by using the map)).

Sleep trap will cripple a warrior completely for a few moments. You can use this time to set more traps where the warrior cannot avoid triggering them, or even bash the warrior while he is helpless.

Poison trap and snares are the most devastating to warriors. Let the poison do its work, then a sneaky stab and twist or even a thrown soori can finish the weakened warrior off.

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