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description In Melee At Range With Traps

Priests have a huge variety of spells and different abilities. The only weakness of a priest is weak armor and, in most cases, poor health.

Magic resistant items, like Gramail consecrated items and Rings of Eternal Love, are very helpful when fighting a priest. These items make it more likely for spells to miss the target. See the Enchantments chapter for more information.

Some abilities of the Priest:

description In Melee At Range With Traps
In Melee

Close in quickly and hit the priest with everything you have. Use Suain to immobilize the priest if you can.

If the priest casts Dion (It looks like a ring of fire around the feet.) save your heavy attacks until you can damage the priest. Dion/Draco Stance

description In Melee At Range With Traps
At Range

Hit the priest with the strongest spells you have, as quickly as possible. Fighting a priest at range often becomes a contest of mana levels. Pramh spells can help give you the upper hand.

One sneaky trick that can cripple a priest is to group him and cast Puinneag Spiorad, which leeches away all the priest's mana.

description In Melee At Range With Traps
With Traps

Wise priests will stand still when fighting a rogue. You can still trap them by setting traps next to them and throwing the priest onto your trap. If the priest is standing in a corner and not moving, there is little that can be done.

Most priests can cure blindness and poison, and several have learned to cure the effects of sleep traps. Try these traps out. If the priest cannot remove the effects, they are crippling for a priest. If the priest can remove them, they are little more than an annoyance.

Smoke bombs can be useful to sow confusion and give a rogue a few heartbeats to escape when a priest has located her and is hitting her with spell after spell.

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