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description In Melee At Range With Traps
Aisling Rogue

Rogues are most noted for the traps and the ability to hide. A hidden rogue is invisible to normal sight and may continue to set snares and traps without revealing themselves. The most powerful snares do not even require a chant so you will not get the 'audible' cue that traps are nearby.

Traps and snares may:
Poison: Poison traps cause health to slowly dwindle until the poison is cured or wears off.
Blind: Blind traps make it impossible to see anything. A blind aisling may still sense where things are ((by opening the map with the tab key.)) While blind, attacks are slightly less powerful and defenses weaker, since an aisling cannot see to dodge blows effectively.
Sleep: Sleep traps completely incapacitate aislings for a short time. The priest spell ao suain will remove the effects, and a priest may even awaken enough to cast this spell on himself.
Damage: Damage traps directly inflict damage to an aisling. An aisling that is near death and fighting a rogue might want to hold still and heal a bit, before risking another trap.

Other rogue combat skills:

description In Melee At Range With Traps
In Melee

Rogues rarely stand and fight. Pinning them down is the most challenging part. Once a rogue is immobilized, they are easy prey. Suain works very well. Monks can try to ambush a fleeing rogue, but it is hard to ambush and attack before they have run off in another direction.

If you suspect a hidden rogue is in the area, you can try to locate him with taunts, snorts, or spitting at him. ((Target random empty areas until you manage to hit the rogue.)) Yellow Dugon monks can also use the Cat's Hearing secret to track a hidden rogue. Once you locate the rogue, continuing to snort or spit at him will allow your teammates to see his location.

When chasing a rogue, try not to walk over her path. There will likely be snares of every kind in the fleeing rogues trail.

description In Melee At Range With Traps
At Range

Rogues cannot trap a target that does not move. Stand still and cast spells at the rogue. It is not likely that the rogue can do any appreciable damage to you in melee. Try to stand in a corner so that a rogue cannot push you onto a trap.

To detect hidden rogues, cast low power lamh spells. You will be able to see the effects of your spell striking the invisible aisling. You will even see the rogue if the spell misses.

description In Melee At Range With Traps
With Traps

Aisling traps don't work on aisling rogues. Dueling rogues must fall back to their melee skills and throw surigam to fight one another.

The Eisd Creutair secret allows rogues to see hidden creatures. Taunting or throwing surigam at the hidden rogue will reveal her location to others.

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