Table of Contents


Selecting a Committee


Brain Storming

Planning Events

Setting the Date


Inspecting features


Organizing  Officials


Issuing Seals

Event Ideas

Game Ideas

Selling Items

Problem solving

Closing the Fair

Brain Storming

Now that you have called your first meeting of the fair committee, what do you do?  The best thing to do is brain storming.  All aislings have a spark of creativity in them.  No creative idea is a bad idea.  Encourage the entire committee to share their idea and suggestions openly with each other. Each member can build on another members suggestions.

To start with, you may think about all the options available in Temuair.  Mundanes are very helpful to aislings planning a fair and are certainly willing to go the extra mile for a well thought out idea.  Basically, if a function already exists in Temuair, it can be implemented in another form in the fair grounds.  I.e.:  Special effects on the stages.

The areas available in the fair grounds for different events include:

  • Tavern:  A quaint area for those to gather and purchase refreshments and share in fellowship.
  • Water fountain:  Located at the entrance of the fair grounds.  The fountain is surrounded by park benches.  This is also a great place for small gatherings.
  • Event booths:  These booths are available for aislings to hold their own events, discussions, games etc.  There is a posting board near each both so that information about the event is easily accesible to all.  An event seal must be purchased for these booths.
  • Merchant booths:  These booths are for aislings to sale the many different items they have found in Temuair.  There is also a posting board near each both so that information about the event is easily accessible to all.  A merchant seal must be purchased for these booths.
  • Small stage:  Located in the center of the event booths area.  This is a very small stage, only about 2 aislings can fit on this stage comfortably.  It is ideal for stories, speeches, and auctions.  An event seal must be purchased to enter the stage.
  • Track Area:  This is a large area that holds a large track and a smaller track separated by a rope.
  • Summoning Arena:  This is the only area in the fair grounds where it is legal to use magic according to natural law.  The area consists of a large open arena.
  • Stage:  This is ideal for plays and other events that involve a cast.  There is a back stage area connected to this stage.  Only way on to the stage is through the back stage door.  There are special affects available to the stage director which include magic and sound affects.  A director's seal must be purchased and the director must than accept cast members in order to access the back stage.  All special affects cost 1000 coins each to use.
  • Amphitheater:  This stage is just like the other and includes all the same affects as the others.  There is no back stage to this stage.  Cast members must be summoned to the stage by the director.  Whispering is not allowed in this area so it is ideal for contests where answers cannot be whispered to others.  An amphitheater director's seal must be purchased to enter on stage and summon other's on stage.  All special affects besides the summoning cost 1000 coins each to use.
This is also a good time to decide which city should host the fair.  Some things to consider when deciding the location are the number of officials within the city that can assist with the event and the amount of work and time required by mundanes to move the fair to another city.

A fair doesn't necessarily have to be named the same as the previous fairs.  The committee may choose to give it a different name depending on location.

Now that you have come up with a few ideas, it's time to plan them in detail.