Table of Contents


Selecting a Committee


Brain Storming

Planning Events

Setting the Date


Inspecting features


Organizing  Officials


Issuing Seals

Event Ideas

Game Ideas

Selling Items

Problem solving

Closing the Fair


(Also known as coordinator, scribe, and mundane contact.  From here on out this person will be referred to as the chairperson throughout this manual.)

1.  Planning and organizing meetings with committee members.

a.)  It is essential to pick a date and time that is convenient for all members of the committee to ensure proper communication with all of them.  Also to ensure that all are aware of the plans and procedures in which you wish to carry out.  Teamwork is the key to a successful fair.

b.)  ((Hosting a discussion group outside of Temuair is also very helpful))  This eliminates the need to hold regular meetings and all can keep track of the progress and additions to the fair.  This also enables committee members to have access to all information that is shared between the chairperson and mundanes.  This discussion group should be left open for all aislings in Temuair to participate in and keep track on what is happening with the fair.  Good suggestions can and will come from aislings that don't wish to  be directly involved in the planning of the fair.

c.)  Recording minutes of ever meeting, keeping notes on all committee members and their progress with each event.  Keeping all members informed of the progress.

2.  Contact with Mundanes
a.)  The chairperson is the only contact between mundanes and committee members.  All requests and suggestions of committee members must be sent through the chairperson, good communications skills are a must.

b.)  The Chairperson will ensure that all features of the fair ground are working correctly.  The chairperson will immediately contact mundanes with any malfunction that needs to be fixed prior to the fair.  It is a good idea that the chairperson is able to hold office of Demagogue or higher during the entire process of planning the fair and hosting it.

c.)  All mundane posts and announcements will be written by the chairperson, good writing skills are recommended.

d.)  An outline of each event will be written in a single announcement and sent to mundanes in a timely manner.

3.  Interaction with the community
a.)  It is the chairperson's responsibility to keep the community informed of planned events and to keep the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming fair high in the community.

b.)  The chairperson will be responsible for answering all general questions about the fair.

4.  Scheduling
a.)  All scheduling of event times and days will be done by the chairperson. 
1.  The best way to do this is make a blank time/day schedule and let hosts pick the time that is best for them.  If times conflict, some rearranging may be necessary.
b.)  The chairperson is responsible for submitting the final schedule to mundanes in a timely matter.
Committee members

1.  Each committee member will choose his/her event in which they wish to be in charge of.

a.)  The member is responsible for finding a host or hosting the event himself.

b.)  The member is responsible for finding cast members or contestants for his/her event.

c.)  The member is responsible for keeping the chair person updated on the progress of  his/her event.

d.)  The member is responsible for all advertising of his/her event.

1.  It is helpful to advertise your event on the community boards in each city that has this type of board.

2.  All advertising that needs to be done by mundanes must be submitted to the chairperson.

2.  Event Prizes
a.)  If the event requires a prize, the event planner will be responsible for gathering that prize.
1. An entry fee for each event is recommended as this helps to make a prize fund which will be held by the chairperson.  All gold collected as entry fees will be distributed amongst hosts as needed.
Note about announcements

((Remember to keep all advertising in character.  Url and e-mail addresses are allowed but be careful of your  format.  When in doubt use the magical ooc brackets.)) 

Example of an acceptable use: 

Please visit us at 
Mail your entry to  or 

Examples of preferred method:

Please visit us at (( 
Please write me at ((

((Never use the term email, web page, or url.))