Table of Contents


Selecting a Committee


Brain Storming

Planning Events

Setting the Date


Inspecting features

Organizing  Officials


Issuing Seals

Event Ideas

Game Ideas

Selling Items

Problem solving

Closing the Fair

Laws and Criminals

As stated before, the laws of the hosting city are in affect on the premises of the fairgrounds and should be strictly enforced.

A majority of the crimes seen during the fair is theft and disruptions.

In the event of a disruption, first ask the aisling to stop and give warning of the punishment that will be enforced if they do not.  If the disruption continues, a teacher may be able to remove them from the area temporarily.  If not, they should be banished or exiled for the duration of the fair at least.  This will prevent any further disruption from that aisling.

For theft, if possible have a rogue that has the ability to "peek" take a look inside the pockets of the alleged thief to determine if they do have the item.  Try to talk them into giving the item back.  If they refused, the should be punished immediately under the hosting city's laws.

Peasants are a bit of a different story.  Many aislings hire peasants to break the laws and cause disruptions during the fair.  Currently, peasants should not be able to purchase seals of any kinds though this should be tested.  This should reduce the thefts from "hiding" peasants.  Peasants with offending names should be banished on site as they are just there to create a disturbance.

Any official that knowingly issues seals to a criminal should also be looked at as a criminal and immediately removed from office by other officials.  The committee planning the fair should make those issuing seals aware of  the aislings that may purchase director's seals.  Director's seals should not be sold to anyone without prior permission of the planning committee.

The current law for the fairgrounds is as follows and may be used as an example for any additional laws.

All visitors in the Mileth fair grounds are expected to behave properly.  Disrupting any event, theft, and other rude or dishonest conduct shall be punished immediately.

All those disrupting any performance taking place during the fair shall be banished/exiled for the duration of the fair, there will be no second chances.  Said aisling will not be permitted to reenter the fairgrounds.  Upon the closing of the fair, said aisling may have their exile forgiven.

All officials of Mileth are expected to abide by this law and enforce it, failure to do so will result in your banishment.  All officials are expected to give out seals to those that can be trusted with them.  Any official authorizing a seal to someone who abuses shall be banished from Mileth and not permitted to enter the fair grounds.

Director's seals may ONLY be authorized to those appearing on the Mileth Fair schedule.  Any aisling obtaining a director's seal without authorization of the Mileth Fair Committee shall be banished/exiled from Mileth for the duration of the fair.

Please govern yourselves accordingly,

Hollie Ileen
Mileth Fair Committee
-enacted per right of Burgess