Table of Contents


Selecting a Committee


Brain Storming

Planning Events

Setting the Date


Inspecting features

Organizing  Officials


Issuing Seals

Event Ideas

Game Ideas

Selling Items

Problem solving

Closing the Fair

Organizing Officials


A senior Guard or Guard Captain should be chosen to organize guards and their designated duties throughout the fair.  Only the guards of the hosting city may enforce law in the fairgrounds.  The governing laws of the fairgrounds are those of the hosting city.

Guards are not only needed to patrol the fair grounds, they are also needed to issue seals.  There is a mundane located in most areas of the fairgrounds to assist a guard in enforcing the laws.

A leading guard may wish to schedule working time in the fairgrounds for each guard.  That way each guard will be responsible to assist during the fair but may also have time to enjoy the fair.  The schedule may be posted throughout the fair so that other's may know which guards to contact for seals and other problems.

Communication between all guards is a must so that they may determine habitual offenders and be aware of them.  They should also make those issuing seals aware of any aisling abusing their seals or of any official giving seals to habitual abusers. 


A Burgess or senior Demagogue may wish to also create a schedule for those that will be available to issue seals and make the schedule available to the public.  While the guards do most of the law enforcement of  the fairgrounds, the Demagoguery will be issuing a majority of the seals.

Currently, at the time this was written, Mileth holds a law regarding conduct at the fairgrounds.  That law can be read in the Laws/Criminals section of this manual.

The Demagoguery may wish to expand on this law or write a new one and post it throughout the fairgrounds at the start of the fair.

The leading guard and leading Demagogue should report to each other so that each branch is aware of any problems and concerns.  A report at the end of each Temuairan day should be submitted to each leader.  In closing, cooperation, communication, and teamwork between both government branches will lead to a peaceful fair with little disturbances.