Table of Contents


Selecting a Committee


Brain Storming

Planning Events

Setting the Date


Inspecting features

Organizing  Officials


Issuing Seals

Event Ideas

Game Ideas

Selling Items

Problem solving

Closing the Fair

Gaming Ideas

We have seen numerous game ideas and variations of ideas in the past.  The ideas and variations are endless and include guessing games, hiding games, gambling games, and numerous others.  Here are a few examples:

  • Guess the name of the potion:  Pick several potions of the same color and have the player guess which potion it is.
  • Find the gem:  Lay out 2 pairs of earrings and a gem and have the player guess which one is the gem.
  • Guess the number of items:  Drop several items in a pile and the player guessing the correct numbers wins.
  • Gambling:  Drop a number of items in a pile, have the aisling guess the correct number and make a bet on their guess.
  • Hide and Seek:  There are many places throughout the fairgrounds where individuals may hide.
  • Leap Frog:  This is an event that can be played by monks with the appropriate skill.
  • Polishing Game:  An event that can be played by rogues to see who can polish the most gems in a given time.
  • Wolf's bane:  Several Wolf's skins are laid out, the team picking up the most wins.  Another variation if to have an equal number of skins on each side of a line, each team must try to either take the skins from the others side and drop them on their side or try to get all the skins on the opposite teams side.  This game would need a time limit.
  • Spin the Aisling:  The aislings stand on a coin and spin as fast as they can, trying not to fall off the coin.  The last aisling standing on the coin wins.
  • Trivia contests:  Ask a variety of questions on Temuair or different paths and their abilities.  A variation of this is to have couples work as a team, one answers the question and the other has the ability to agree or disagree with the answer.
There are also many possibilities and variations of games.  Use your imagination and see what you come up with.  Games are enjoyed by everyone and are a very important part of the fair.  Those running a game not only have a chance to earn some gold, but also have fun doing it.

Having a good prize for a game is important for attracting customers.  Plan ahead and gather some of the most wanted items or have lots of gold on hand.  If you have an entry fee, make sure it is reasonable according to the item won.

There is a board located near each event booth where the game directions and rules can be written.

May your imagination and creativity flow and bring you good luck with your game!!