Table of Contents


Selecting a Committee


Brain Storming

Planning Events

Setting the Date


Inspecting features


Organizing  Officials


Issuing Seals

Event Ideas

Game Ideas

Selling Items

Problem solving

Closing the Fair

Planning Events

Some of the events that have gone over well in prior fairs are events that involved the interaction of the audience.  Aislings love to interact with those cast members on stage.  An example of some other events are as follows:

  • Sumo "throw" tournament: Using the "throw" skill, aislings battle it out trying to push each other out of the ring. It has been done two different ways.  One way is in teams of 3, each team member taking their turn to throw the opposing team member while other teammates recover their strength from their last throw.  Another version one on one, two aislings battle it out.  There can be several rounds until you come up with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
  • Summoning tournament:  This has always been a favorite.  Each aisling summons a creature from the God and the creatures battle it out, the last creature left standing is the winner.  Another version is Sgrios worshippers are hired by the host of the event and there is an aisling v. creature battle.
  • Style show:  This is always a fun event where aislings show off all the armor available in Temuair. 
  • Play:  Most loved event.  There are many writings available in the library that can easily be converted into a play.  There are also a few partial plays available.
  • Aisling Auction:  Also another loved event as the audience gets to interact with the cast in making their bids.  Aislings sell their skills to others.
  • Trivia Contest:  Mundanes graciously build a stage just for this purpose.  No whispering in the area is allowed so it is impossible for an aislings to whisper the answers to another.
  • Scavenger Hunt:  Mundanes also graciously blessed us with a King's Hunt during the fair, in which Aislings entertained King Bruce  by bringing him items that he requested.  King Bruce's laughter could be heard throughout Temuair as one aisling after another entertained him with their baubles.
  • Story telling and Sharing:  There are may talented aislings in Temuair who love to share their life stories and experiences. Also many that write other stories as well. There is never a lack of someone to tell a story.
  • Fair King and Queen:  This is a difficult event because if there are several entries, than a panel of aisling judges must be chosen to limit the finalists to no more than 12.   In the past, mundanes have noted that if there are over 100 couples entering, they would give 12/24 legend marks.   If there are under 100 than 10-15% of the total will be finalists.  If there are under 12 entering, all 12 may be finalists. If the total of entries is under 100, than only 1 legend mark is given.  Once the finalists have been chosen, mundanes will set up a community vote to determine the winner(s).  Legend marks are as follows:
    • 1st place King: Fair King with Queen <name>, Deoch x
    • 1st Place Queen: Fair Queen with King <name>, Deoch x
    • 2nd  place Lord: Fair Lord with Lady <name>, Deoch x
    • 2nd place Lady:  Fair Lady with Lord <name>, Deoch x
    • All 3rd Place:  Fair Noble, Deoch X
  • Mr. & Ms. Temuair:  Lots of Aislings love to show off what they got. This is a good event to let aislings strut their stuff on stage. An aisling panel of judges must be chosen for this event.
  • Honored Guilds: Guilds can be honored during a day of the fair and given stage time, many guilds can plan a unique event and enjoy doing so.  They can be anywhere from a talk show to an informational seminar about their specific guild, to games and other events. Guild members have been most helpful in planning their events which allows for constant entertainment during the fair.
  • Mock Wrestling:  A ring made of coins where players mock wrestling each other.  Those that are acting involve the audience in the event.
  • Interviews:  An aisling plays the part of someone from Temuair's past and is interviewed by current aislings.  For example those interviewed could be Danaan, Chadul, Lord Tenes, or anyone that has been written about in history.  This is a good event to let others know the history of Temuair that is displayed in the Aisling Library.
Now that you have a few ideas and your group has come up with new and unique ideas, it's time to move on to the planning of each event.

It works best if the committee now breaks off into smaller groups, each group being responsible for planning the event they have chosen, seeking cast members and participants, writing up information and advertising for the event, and keeping the chair person informed of the progress and any requests needed from the mundanes as well as providing the chair person with any announcements needing to be made by mundanes.