Feallsanachd de Kynn
Pillar III. There is Light in Every Heart

    The heart of every thinking creature possesses an inherent light. Though many creatures surround their heart with shades and darkness, constructing sometimes-unshakable walls around their heart, deep within these fortifications the pulse of light still beats.

    I have seen this to be true in every case I have so far encountered. No matter how wicked a man I have met, I can always feel at least a dim light penetrating the wall surrounding his heart. To most, the light is either too dim to see or they do not wish to see it believing that everything is either good or evil. Yet to an open and sensitive heart the dim radiance can be felt. It is a feeling like no other, that dim hope that the darkness may not claim another soul, the light clamoring to break free.

    This light exists even hidden within the hearts of those who call themselves creatures of darkness. Although I have yet been unable to bring any creatures of darkness, the dubhaimed, to feel and realize the light they do possess, I sometimes see a glimmer of it through the intense feeling of pain caused by their hatred, anger, and fear.

    I hold a deep conviction in this belief, and always try to free the light I feel in others hearts, even those of the most wicked and evil in Temuair. For to unlock this light, is to open the doorway to their happiness.



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