Feallsanachd de Kynn
Pillar II. Light, the All-Encompassing cont'd...

    Many people seek such happiness in different ways, most are harmless to others and cause no suffering, and these are activities of the purest beauty possible. To be able to create happiness at the expense of no one elseís is to bring a true gift in to the world, bringing with it great joy. It is when aislings seek happiness, at the expense of others that the situation begins to get complex.

    With this goal in mind, that of achieving happiness, many aislings willingly embrace the darkness and use itís often wicked forces to bring harm to others. These poor souls feel that by causing more pain, they will be happier, they will enjoy themselves... It has been my experience that this is never the case. Such happiness as that which is gained by harming others is hollow and empty, there is no true joy or happiness in the experience. It is merely a desperate action to try and find happiness when all others have failed.

    By embracing the light an aisling can find the happiness they strive so heard to achieve. The purity it brings to oneís spirit and heart is filled with joy. With this joy realized, the mere wish to spread it to others brings a happiness which is nearly impossible to find elsewhere. The light breeds the happiness which the darkness tries vainly to emulate.

    The brilliance of light provides what all people strive for, while darkness merely destroys it. It is this simple reason that I believe that a world devoid of darkness, and full of light is the world that all people should hope and dream for. Although my ideal dream may not be one that people believe is likely to be reached, I will continue to strive for it, and do my part to bring what happiness and light to the hearts of every aisling I can. It is not because I am a tool of Danaan; it is not because I want power over my fellows; it is not because of some great quest that my ancestors have sent me on; it is merely because I care so greatly about those around me that I want them to all to live in happiness.

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