Feallsanachd de Kynn
Pillar II. Light, the All-Encompassing

    I wholeheartedly believe that the best and happiest world, as close to Heaven on Earth as can be created, would be a world devoid of darkness. One where the hearts and minds of all people were set toward the light, a world were all would be kind to each other and one could always feel safe from injury caused by others. Now... I can already imagine the thoughts forming in your heads, ďI am nothing more then a blinded priestess who wishes to force thought-control and slavery on the people of the world; that I wish to stamp out, by any means necessary, free-will and independent thinking.Ē I do not feel this way at all, not at all.

    People do have the right to think how they wish, who am I to tell them how they must think? Does this mean that I can not hope and work toward an end where everyone will embrace Danaanís love and light? Does this make me an evil and oppressive thinker? I strongly believe in free will; slavery is an utterly despicable trade, slavery of mind and heart being even more tragic then slavery of the body. With this said, Iíll try and explain why I feel the way I do about the light.

    As I see it, there is one ultimate goal that all people strive for; one thing that everyone would love to have and no one would refuse. This goal, this desire, this wish, is happiness. Whether or not someone is willing to admit it, even if they try and tell themselves otherwise, even if they spend their entire life convincing themselves that they donít need to be happy, it is the one thing that it can truly be said all do desire. This statement is even true of Chadul, his demons, as well as the monsters that roam the land; all creatures which can feel, seek happiness.

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