Feallsanachd de Kynn
Pillar I. The Balance? cont'd...

    This thought becomes even clearer if we try and define what good and evil are, and then take a look at an example situation. Good (as it is used in reference to light) means “worthy of respect or commendation, by being beneficial, honest, noble, etc. ... virtuous; pure; well-behaved.” Evil is defined as, “violation of moral principles; improper conduct...injury; misfortune...a cause of injury or misfortune...a malady.” Now let us imagine a world filled with good people, they care about each other and try not to do each other harm. In this world there is one man who does not live this way, he does his best to harm others in every way he can, and live a life dedicated to creating strife and unhappiness. After several years this “evil” man realizes that he is no longer happy being the way he is, and after considerable internal struggle gives up his ways, and begins to live like the rest. If those that believe in the balance are correct, then good no longer exists in this world, even though the people are just as good as they were before the last evil ceased to exist.

    With the idea established that the balance is not necessary, I then take my next step.





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