Feallsanachd de Kynn
Pillar I. The Balance?

    I will begin by discussing the first foundation of my philosophy, and perhaps the most controversial belief that I hold. The balance is a view of the world that the vast majority of aislings adhere to, it is a belief that there must be a balance of all forces in order to achieve harmony and happiness. Two commonly used examples of this balance are death and rebirth, as well as good and evil. Those that uphold the great cosmic balance, as the way things ought to be, believe that there must be death for without death there will be no rebirth. It is also a very common argument used by the more philosophical followers of Sgrios to explain their Godís work, and is perhaps the best justification one can find. The other balance argument I commonly hear is that of good versus evil. The argument is basically that without evil, there is no good. The idea is that the two forces are relative, and without evil to compare good to, then everyone ceases to be good and is instead normal.

    I personally do not agree with the philosophy of the balance, indeed I believe that it is neither certain nor the best way for the world to exist. There are many reasons I believe this:

    I hold to the belief that good and evil are not relative, good is good regardless of whether there is evil in the land or not. Perhaps one of the best defenses of this stance is to point to the 5th and 6th elements, Darkness and Light. These two represent physical manifestations of the forces of Chadul and Danaan, giving a tangible characteristic to both good and evil. These two forces do both exist, and do not necessarily need the other to exist. If one were to carry darkness in to a void, it will still exist; the darkness would not vanish because there was no light present. Likewise, if light were carried in to a realm of utter light, it would not cease to shine simply because there was no darkness present.

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