Feallsanachd de Kynn
Pillar IV. Only Light Can Bring Forth Renewed Light

    In the darkness that is our age, hope and light still exist, often buried deeply within walls and fortresses of darkness, a faint glimmer of hope remains. To realize the true brilliance of this light is to bring renewed hope and vitality to the world. Yet it is something extremely difficult to do, because when faced with darkness most people’s initial response is to lash out against it, to use violence to try and destroy the darkness. Yet there is something that we forget; darkness feeds off violence, hatred, and anger. By striking out at the darkness we do not harm it, we only give it renewed strength. The only way to truly fend off darkness is to allow the light to shine bright and clear from oneself, to live by one’s heart and allow one’s compassion to show openly to all.

    When a heart surrounded by darkness catches a glimpse of this new light, it will often recoil in surprise and fear. To show love to an enemy that you’re supposed to hate is something the darkness can rarely comprehend. The hope is that the heart within the walls will catch sight of the new light, if it does then it can grow in strength. Before long, with hope and love, the light within the walls will be strong enough to breach them, and light will once again shine from where their was once nothing but a blackened heart.

    Only by shining the light upon the darkness, will the shadow be lifted. Merely trying to attack a shadow, only places another obstruction in the way of the light trying to shine upon it.




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