Feallsanachd de Kynn
To Only Show Love

    Love and compassion can often overcome the greatest of obstacles, and free otherís hearts from the throes of darkness and pain. It is for this reason that we should show love and kindness to all we meet. To share the compassion of our hearts with the rest of mankind is the greatest gift that we can give to this world. Showing love is so easy, it flows naturally through oneís heart, just smile and extend your hand, open your heart and free your mind. It is so simple, yet it means so much.

    If someone is in need of help, and you are able to help them, the cost to you is most likely very little compared to what they will gain. This does not mean that someone should necessarily give everything they have to every beggar they see, but if someone needs help of some kind, and you are capable of supplying the help they need without a great loss, what is the harm in supplying the required aid? Virtually nothing compared to the good it will do.

    Walking the streets of your hometown, stop and take a look around. Just think about what you see, the aislings walking around, the mundanes running their shops, everyone going around doing whatever it is they do. Now imagine what it would cost you to walk to any one of these people, and give them a kind word and a smile. To show respect and the love which you know will brighten their day. What is the cost? The cost is nothing, nothing at all, and this is all it takes to help make someone else happy. So why donít we? Why donít we greet each other with respect and a smile? What drives us to show disrespect, to turn our shoulder to those that we do not know? The reasons can be many and varied, only your own heart can tell you why, but the truth is that the reason will never be so great as the reasons for showing kindness and respect.

    We can all be happy and love each other; there is no necessity for hate. Just turn to your fellow man, and show him that you care. We can all be here for each other, if only we embrace the kindness and compassion of the light.

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