Feallsanachd de Kynn
A Helping Hand

    It is one of the greatest possible joys, to be able to help someone who is full of sorrow to feel happy again. This is one of the many reasons I seek to aid all that I can... If I find that one of my friends or even a total stranger is sorrowful or unhappy I will do my utmost to try and help them. This often means listening to their problems, and showing that someone does indeed care about them. Love is so easy to show, if one just opens their heart, it can mean so much to someone who is filled with sorrow and feels alone. A hug, a shoulder to lean on, and an ear to listen can be more important then any amount of money or worldly goods. Allowing others to put some of their sorrow on your shoulders frees them of some of their own misery.

    And I do know that my heart can deal with the sorrows placed upon it, I know this because I am at peace with my heart, and I have embraced the light. I know that this coupled with the love I feel from those around me allows me to recover from the sorrows placed on me by caring for others. This is happiness; it is true, because even though I will be afflicted by sorrow, I know that it can be overcome. The sorrow others feel is placed, at least in part, upon my shoulders and then from me it is spread to those I love and my own heart, the darkness and sorrow then dissipate in to nothing and disappear. The light has shone on the shadow, and the shadow has vanished.

    The person filled with sorrow knows that someone cares for them, and has lightened the load they carry, bringing greater happiness to their life. My heart is lifted knowing that I have helped someone, in at least the smallest of ways, and happiness has thwarted sorrow. Compassion and caring helps to spread the happiness that we feel, and is perhaps the best way for one to find happiness as well.

    It is not only I who feel this way, anyone who opens their heart will find that this is true. Follow your own heart, embrace it, and you will learn that you can help others as well. Yet be careful, if you feel that your heart can not bear the strain, then donít push it too far. We are all different, even though we are all so similar.

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