Feallsanachd de Kynn
The way I live cont'd...

    As I walk around the land, looking this way and that, I see and feel many things. I experience the joy and happiness of those around me. I can feel the love between young lovers, the joy of a young warrior at reaching his next insight, the joy of a rogue at the great job of polishing hes just done. Yet not the whole world is so happy. I also feel the more often prevalent emotions of sorrow, anger, hatred, and fear. Often the words written upon the board of Mileth exude such an aura of anger and hatred that I am unable to read them for the pain they cause me... The heated words that rise up so easily from the throats of young aislings, and the fear and hatred of those they do not understand tear through my heart almost as powerfully as the sorrow of a broken heart, the emptiness of being alone, and the cries for help from those too far down to ask for it. These are the things I see and feel as I walk amongst my fellows; the sights and sounds of my life are often overpowered by the intense feelings and emotions flowing within my heart.

    Yet this is the way I want to live, because deep down I know that I am at peace. The sorrow and pain I feel is only temporary, before I am restored to my natural state of content happiness. This is what it means to be happy, and why it is so important to all of us.





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