Feallsanachd de Kynn
The way I live

    I live my life with one purpose in mind, to follow my heart wherever it will lead me. By embracing my heart, and the light it represents I feel an inner happiness which no matter how often it is assaulted, always wins in the end. Sorrow, misery, misfortune, death, and destruction can all be tossed upon me. They can all cause me great pain and suffering, but in the end I will emerge renewed, because I am happy with the way I have lived, my heart is pure, and my conscience is clear.

    By following my heart I forgive those who have wronged me, help all those who I can, and spread the light to all of those willing to listen. By showing love for all of those around me, and ridding my heart of hatred, fear, and anger as much as I possibly can; a sense of love, peace, and happiness is all that remains...happiness.

    This happiness I feel is not a blind intoxicating drug, nor does it mean, perhaps, what those reading this believe it means. Happiness is not a sense of constant joy; it is not a smile on my face and blatant disregard for the suffering around me. Happiness is a more profound and deep-rooted sense of peace; a sense that no matter what happens I will not be upset with whom or what I am. A feeling that allows you to overcome the many hardships that one faces in life, and helps put a smile back on your face after a great many sorrows.

    Even though I possess this love and happiness I will not claim that I am never sad, for this is far from the truth, but regardless I am very happy. Even when I am in my deepest sorrow, I still possess my happiness. It is something that can not truly be explained, one must experience it to know it, and once you have, youíll know that youíll want to always. Itís a feeling of continuity of purpose, a feeling of eternal love, and of mutual understanding with oneself and life.

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