Feallsanachd de Kynn

    To show love, is to spread love. To show kindness, is to spread kindness. To embrace the light, and allow it to flow through you, is to become a beacon in the darkness. Embrace the light, open your heart, show the kindness that you know is there. Love and compassion are the routes to happiness; it is there for everyone to find.

    If one can walk down this path, it will bring a brightness to your life that is unmatched by any other, short of true love. It is not always easy, many of our natural instincts tell us to do other then that which the light may ask. Yet we may use our hearts to defeat our instincts and defeat our primal nature, just as it can drive out the shadow of darkness. It is my solemn belief that this is the best way any person can live; accepting, loving, kind, and compassionate. Let us all embrace each other with love, and live as friends...

~Angelic Stedwinn~  






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