First date and dates after that


Now that ye have choosen a target, ye should start to gather up all that stuff, that I like to call courage, and ask her out on a date! What? Afraid? Rejection? What if she says yes? No problem! All that and more is covered in this section!


Preparing for the First Date
Sweating? Yeah, ye should be. Yer about to go on a date that is going to end up in ruin at the end...that is, if ye don't follow some of these simple pointers for getting ready for the date...

Flowers, the backdoor to a woman's heart
If it be either a bouquet of roses or a single Tulsi Blossom, the flower has a mysterious effect on the female of almost any species. On yer first date and dates to follow, it's would be a nice gesture to bring along a flower of some sort and give it to yer date. Flowers won't quite get ye the key to her inn room, but it'll at least get her thinking about it.
Some types of flowers are as follows...

Tulsi, Nila, Sevti Blossoms

Rose Bouquet

Man's Bouquet

Spring Bouquet

Don't over dress...don't underdressed
Clothing isn't a very big deal, but the wrong type of clothing can break the mood of the date.

Wearing a tux or a wedding dress is, obviously, overdressing.
Any type of heavy armor should be avoided, for the simple reason that a woman doesn't want to look at yer dirty, worn out platemail. Warriors should stick to a Jupe at the most.
Also, do not wear wear anything that connects ye to the dark side or has been worn by a monster before ye got it...that means no Pentagram Suits! (note: of course if ye both are dark in nature, then it would be all right, but this is the first date!)
Don't wear any political uniform on a date, a uniform only reminds ye of yer job, not of leisure time.
Never wear a ragged shirt on a date, this is a classic example of under dressing


Tune Out Whispers and Guild Chatting
Train yerself, before the date, to tune out any whispers or guild chatting that may come yer way. Ye can't focus on yer date if ye are taking to others through whispers.

Places to Take Yer Date
Temuair has a wealth of sights and wonders to behold to a dating couple. Sadly, most of us have been around too long and have started to take some of these places for granted, and often would not think of them as good spots to have a date. A date can take place almost anywhere, with the exception of hostile areas and inn rooms. Yer not a hunting party, yer a dating group and also yer not going to need a bed on the first date, so don't even bother innkeeper Maria, cause yer not gonna use that room.
Some nice suggestions for a date location:

Abel Beach- The beach is the ideal location for any first date. During the daylight hours ye can lounge around near the water edge and play. During the night time hours ye can sit back away from the water and look at the beautiful view of the sky that nowhere else but the beach has. The beach is also somewhat secluded from Aislings, except for a few crypt bound hunters.


Druid Circle- Perhaps one of the most mysterious places in all of Temuair. The Druid Circle has the atmosphere of the garden, without any of the mantis or bee attacks. The Circle almost always peaceful, for many Aisling do not explore the area and many don't even know of it's existence! The friendly druid will always spark up a conversation of ye ask him a question, or he'll go about his business if ye only with to talk with yer date.


Loures Castle The Castle of Loures is the artectiual masterpiece of Temuair. Many locations inside the castle can provide insight on pre-Deoch dating history, as well as provide an intellectual couple with a most enjoyable date. Many of the servants are willing to allow Aislings to stay a night in one of the many rooms. Some things to avoid in the castle are the king's throne room and Master Jean's work area...other than that, the Castle of Loures will keep ye busy with it's sights.


Any Tavern- Basically speaking, every tavern in Temuair can provide a wonderful dating experience. I always say...nothing like getting drunk with the girl ye love. Be careful not to drink too much, and then make a fool out of yerself in front of yer lady friend. Some taverns are of higher standards than others...the Tavern of Abel as well as the Tavern of Soumi have strict rules that ye would be wise to memorize.


Any Eatery- Same with the Taverns, the eatery is a great place to get together. The provider of great food and high class entertainment. Higher quality eateries can be found in Abel and Piet.



On the Actual Date
Yer on yer own with this one, boy. Every woman is different, so that means that not even I can predict and guide yer way with yer lady. Just remember to be yerself and get a kiss at the end!

Getting a Second Date
If ye didn't get a kiss, or a hug, or a handshake at the end of yer first date, then don't even try to get a second one, it's over buddy, it just wasn't meant to be. If ye DID get one of these, then by all means, whisper her next time she's awake and roaming Temuair...but not right away. Ye'll appear desperate, and just cause ye are desperate, doesn't meant that ye have to appear that way.

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