Finding a Date

Let's face it, there isn't really a lack of women in Temauir! In fact, many new women come to Temuair each and every sun! However... just incase yer still having a problem finding the right Aisling girl for is yer section....


Location, Location, Location!
Now, logic dictates that most women are going to live inside the Mileth province. Simply because there are many more Aisling that reside there. Do not...I repeat...DO NOT just stand around, sharpening your sword like a tough man, and expect some girl to come up to ye... because chances are going to be rather slim or none at all.
To find the women, yer going to have to get up off the ground and look for one! It's best to begin yer search in Mileth.

Popular Hang Outs
A Few of the more likely places that ye will find single women include, but are not limited to the following:

-Religious Temples, especally Glioca Temple
-Main Entrance of Mileth

-East Woodlands entrance
-Main Entrance of Abel

-Mileth Crypt

Guilds and Religions
Joining an established and populated guild will increase social awareness of ye, and in turn, allow ye to get to know more women in a non-dating atmosphere. Although it is deemed inappropriate to beg for dates on guild chat.
The same applies for religions, however, joining a religion solely based on the idea of getting to know the women in that religion is...frowned apon.

Holding a political position will allow ye to expose yerself to a wide range of Aislings in the form of interaction with officials, victims, and...even criminals. There is no law against dating a felon! Thank Gramail for that.

Dating the Bonded/Dating the Married

This becomes a very touchy subject, but as a good rule of thumb...try and stay away from married or Fae bonded women. It's a big no-no, and should be avoided at all don't want to be on the bad end with a master warrior...

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