Fae Love

Let's set the scene....Ye have been on several dates now, and yer starting to have this weird feeling when yer around her. Guess what? That feeling is the elusive LOVE emotion. Now what do ye do? Ye go and get fae bonded at the lovers glade! Don't know how? *ahem* That's what this guide is for! Read on for all yer Fae bonding needs...


The Lover's Glade
The Lover's Glade is located in the enchanted garden...once ye enter, turn to yer right and walk straight, ye will eventually end up inside of the Lover's Glade. The glade is a place for a couple to be bonded by the fae. This bonding in a ritual of love and must be started by a priest. There is room inside of the glade for family and friends to watch, but usually, the bonding is done with only the couple and the priest.

Decorating the Glade
This is just a fun little thing that adds a little spice to the ol glade. Decorating the glade can be done with almost anything, but the most used items are coins and flowers...and just to save ye time...don't even try and make a heart out of coin that ye both can stand in, it doesn't work. ^_^;;

Getting the Girl to the Glade
This seems rather straight forward, doesn't it? Well, not exactly. There is the 'just bring her to the glade' method, but that's not as much fun as the mystery method. Very simple actually...have the presiding priest ask yer lover to come to the glade, but don't have him say for what reason. Yer confused lover will be stunned to see ye standing there with a goofy grin on yer face!
The priest will then proceed to start the ritual, and soon ye both will be bonded



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