Ahhhh... Marriage... Defined in the dictionary of the male Aisling as 'a time of needless decoration and ceremony'. It's really not such a bad thing, but just be sure ye know what yer getting into. Marriage is a tight bond, one that will leave an everlasting scar if ye decide to break it.

The Mileth Chapel
The Mileth Chapel is the only place in all of Temuair that can take two Aislings and make them husband and wife. It is located just south of the Mileth Inn, and is often decorated for an upcoming marriage. Naomhan, the Mundane priest, will assist an Aisling Priest that wishes to join a couple in marriage.

Proper Wedding Clothing
Proper wedding attire can be purchased in the town of Piet. The wedding suits, the tux and the gown, are five hundred thousand gold pieces each! The bride can either add a headband or veil to her attire, but it is not required. Wedding clothing is not a requirement to be married, but it is a welcome addition to ceremonies.

Decorating the Church
This is pretty much the same as decorating the glade. Use coin and flowers mostly. A common method is laying down one coin on all the wood work, then placing two coin on the carpet area, as well as flowers at the end of isles and near the altar. It is also common practice to offer all the decorations to the guests after the ceremony.

With all the fancy decorations, ye'll want a few guards to keep watch at the door. Offer guards a cash payment for their services, and most likely they will do their job as ye would want them to do it. Supply them with a guest list and and instructions to keep all youngins out of the chapel. Guards can guard against theft of the decorations and disruptions of the ceremony, itself.

Be sure to send out a little invitation to all the people that ye want to attend the wedding. If ye are looking for a large scale wedding, then post on the community boards of both Rucesion and Mileth. Yer invitation should include date of wedding, parties to be wed, and location of the wedding ceremonies.

Ceremony Types
There are 3 basic types of Ceremonies, and all three are summarized here...

Quick and painless - The quick and painless ceremony involves none of the above, two couples just go into the church with a priest and do their thing. No planning, no outfits, no decorations.

Small scale - A few, very close friends are invited. The chapel is sparsely decorated, and bride and groom both have outfits. There is no exchange of words, the priest immediately starts the vows and then the wedding is over as soon as it started

Traditional (large scale) - The wedding is advertised on community boards, the chapel is decorated with expensive flowers, there are guards watching for thieves and hooligans. There is a long ceremony, with an exchange of words, a prayer for the couple lead by the priest, and the vows follow shortly after.
* in the traditional wedding, the ceremony and exchange of words can be done in some place other than Mileth chapel, but the couple must return to the chapel for the vows.





Well, that's the guide. I hope that this has somehow given some Aisling the courage to go out and get a woman for himself and maybe someday I'll come across his wedding....who knows? It could happen! Good luck!


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