Quests, Experience, and the Mileth Fair

The Pact of Anaman
Contract of Evil between the Elders and Darkness
The Thousand Years of Darkness, beginning of the Dark Age

This is the moment all mundanes and Aislings alike long for. You, having gained at least the first insight into the dream world of the Chosen, are the newest addition to your Craft and your Faith. It is time to embrace your destiny and begin your first adventures. There are many things to do, and even more time. You have unlimited possibilities. However, here we must part. I hope you remember the lessons I have given you as you enter the journey of your own creation. I hope sometime to hear the whispers of your greatness upon the voices of the mundanes and fellow adventurers. . . .

Quests are some of the most fun parts of Temuair. In addition to giving experience, they tend to give expensive (or at least expensive sounding) items! You should begin your Temuairian career of sorts by speaking to Riona of the Mileth Inn. She will help you define who you are by your Mundane Birth. You tell her the age you were when you became an Aisling and your Mundane birthplace. It's the first of the entertaining legend marks you may recieve. Your first real quest is likely to be the Terror of the Crypt quest. It's a simple quest in which you speak to a senile old drunk in the bar who tells you about a terrible dream monster. You must venture into the crypt of Mileth (or garden of the East or alley of Abel) and slay this creature. The Terror of the Crypt is near a piller straight left from the entrance of the second floor. Another favorite quest is the Dark Maze of Loures, or the Heart Quest. Another excellent "quest" is the Sevti Blossom not-quite-quest.

The Mileth Fair is a popular event that occurs once every Deoch year ((roughly once every 45 days)). It is held on grounds just outside of the village and has many fun events. The best are the many booths on the grounds where you can get drunk, make foolish purchases, and be banished for lewd behavior by the common (Thank Danaan!) guards on the grounds. The height of the event is often an auction or some other interesting event of an excellent item. This should definitely be a stop for you.