The Sevti Blossom

The Sevti Blossom quest begins in a sick child's bedchamber in the Loures Castle. She is not well. The doctors don't think that she'll live through the night. The is, however, a strange white blossom that is fabled to have healing powers. Jean, a local expert, believes that it will cure the child. Where is this white flower, and how can you get it in time to save the child?

You'll need: 5,000 coins, lots of guts, and a need for experience
You'll recieve:
150,000 experience points, the knowledge that you helped someone in need, probably a nervous tick from the dangerous swamp, and a lighter wallet

There are a number of steps that can be gone throught ot play this to its full potential, such as asking Jean about the Mehadi flora, but there are only a few essential steps, outlined here. This quest begins in the dangerous Mehadi swamp, just outside Loures.