The Heart Quest

The heart quest begins in the deepest depths of a cespool in a place known as the Loures Prison. Inside, a political criminal, unjustly sentenced, and doomed to a lifetime of suffering. The only thing keeping this poor man sane is a lifeline of letters to his beloved Bella, kept going by those who take pity upon him and help him deliver the letters. But, alas, darkness hath befallen this poor man. His letters have not been reaching the beautiful Bella. He teeters on the brink of insanity, and sorrow. You are his last chance to reunite him with his poor Bella. But where is she, and worse, what are these creatures from surely the deepest pits of Chadul's own hell and where have they taken Bella?

You'll need: 1 red potion, lots of patience
You'll recieve:
Access to Dark items, Legend mark, and [each conix worth 20k (Heart of Stone), or a ton of experience(Heart of Fire); choose one]

Your first step is to speak with the man in the first prison cell in the Loures Dungeon. You get there by going straight right and up from the entrance of the castle. Talk to him. Select the following: "The Heart." "Who is Bella?" "I will give the message to Bella."

Now, exit the prison and travel to the first room. You now must visit Jean. He has a small shop near the throne room. Take the stairs. Then take them again. Walk along the hall and turn left in the throne room. Take the door on the left. Speak to Jean. Select the following: "Cycle of Becoming." "Theology of the Conjunction" [select the top choice] [select the top choice] "Quit"

Now, leave and travel to the Enchanted Garden. As soon as you enter go straight to the right ((press up; it looks like the right)). Once you almost reach the corner of the garden, turn left. You should reach a small clearing with a single tree. Step in front of the tree. Walk around that spot until you see a red scarf. Don't take the scarf. You'll need to drop some faerie wine. This will make you lose the red potion. A faerie will appear. You need to ask her about Bella. Twice. Then she'll disappear. Hurry back to the Loures Dungeon.

You'll need to speak to the poor lovelost man again. He'll be worried, but you need to ask how you can help, and deliver another message for him. Once you promise to do this, you'll exit the prison, and take the other door directly next to it. You should be in a bed chamber. Be prepared to be attacked by mor cradh (more powerful curse). Step to the bed closest to the door. Step next to the post on the right until you are either attacked by mor cradh, or sense a pulse. If you're mor cradhed, step off that area, and return. Repeat until you sense a pulse and you are given the option to feel it or resist it. You should feel it, and you'll end up in the dreaded Dark Maze! There are two types of monsters in there. The relatively weak Dunan, and the immortal Night Gaunt. If you see the Night Gaunt, don't touch it. Instead, run away. Not to worry, they're only in a single room. The maze is daunting at first, so bring a guide who'se been there before for your first trek. But don't worry, in the novice maze there are only 4 looping rooms arranged in a square. The numbers increase as you grow in insight, but it's not that hard. The exits are a bit tricky to find. They vary with your insight, so ask your guide to show it to you. They're usually in the Night Gaunt room. After you find the exit, a Circle like the one in the Temple of Choosing appears. You then have the choice of two ceremonies, or to leave immediately. The items dropped rarely by Dunans in the maze are an excellent source of income, and if you do a ceremony, you may never return to the maze, so I suggest you walk out the door, or if you're a priest or advanced wizard, dachaidh away. Good luck!