18th Sun of the 9th Moon, Deoch 17

I asked some of the villagers today if they knew anything about the eastern continent. To my surprise, they told me that the Aisling traveller that had been here earlier had come from that continent.
I am almost sure that continent is Temuair! It has to be! How Temuair can be to the east of here, I have no idea, but there can be no doubt. There is no mistaking that sunset. It does not look like much more than a good 15 days of travel on a sturdy raft. I am going to look into it some more in the next few days…

25th Sun of the 9th Moon, Deoch 17

I cannot believe I did not notice this before now! It is so obvious! The culture here… their clothing, their meditation, even their hunting style! It is so close to the Undine Monks that you could not tell one of these natives from an Aisling Monk! Why they practice an art here that originated on a continent they have never been to, I am not sure… but there can be no doubt that these people have been taught in the same manner that the Undine people have.