30th Sun of the 9th Moon, Deoch 17

I studied the Monk-like culture of these people some more, and now I am convinced that they must have been taught by an Aisling from Temuair. They know nothing of Cail, or any other God, so they could not have been taught directly from Him. If that female Aisling who travelled here really came from that eastern continent, and if that continent is really the Suomi region, then she might be the final piece to the puzzle. It is not unlikely that she taught them all this. But it is strange… for some reason I am drawn to this culture more than I ever was to the Monk craft back in Temuair… Or perhaps I always was drawn to it, but would not admit it to myself as my loyalty has always been with Warriors…

2nd Sun of the 10th Moon, Deoch 17

I have asked them to teach me. I cannot say for certain what has prompted me to leave the path I swore to follow 12 years ago, but I cannot deny my instincts. I just know that this is the right choice for me, I know it is the path I wish to follow. It is time for a change in my life and I can think of no better opportunity than this. I have already laid down my sword and armour, using only my own body as my weapon. The coming days will be quite a challenge.