5th Sun of the 10th Moon, Deoch 17

This has to be the adventure I was looking for when I left Temuair! I feel as if I have been born again! Using my experience as a Warrior, I have been able to study the Monks' craft at an incredible pace. It is all so… "new" to me that I am simply unable to let go. During the little time I do not use to practice my skills, I attempt to build a raft to sail home to Temuair. The people here have been very kind in helping me build it… at this rate it will be finished much sooner than I will actually need it.

8th Sun of the 10th Moon, Deoch 17

This cannot be! Dubhaim! How… Why are they here?! They arrived out of nowhere last night and raided the village. Almost half the population was killed. I failed to protect them… The sacrifices I made when I gave up the Warrior's path are still greater than what I have gained as a Monk. I will need more practice, but I have not the time for it. I will take up my sword again, for the last time. Until I am strong enough to do as a Monk what I was capable of as a Warrior, I will not lay down this sword. I do not know how those Dubhaim came here, but there can be no questioning their desire: to kill every living being on this island. I cannot, and will not, allow that.