10th Sun of the 10th Moon, Deoch 17

The Dubhaim returned again last night, but this time I was able to hold them off. I have decided to stand guard at the village every night, but in the long run it may not do us any good… We cannot seem to locate the place of their origin, and their numbers do not seem to decrease no matter how many of them I kill. If this continues, we will have to track them back into their own lair and vanquish them there… Knowing these beings, though, I am aware how dangerous they are when their realm is threatened… It is one thing to fight the Dubhaim on your own land, but to fight them in their dwelling is as dangerous as it gets.

20th Sun of the 10th Moon, Deoch 17

There has been four more raids in these last ten days. We have decided to follow those of them who flee during their next raid and kill them at the place of their origin, hopefully vanquishing them for good. I just pray that I will not fail now, when my years of practice as a Warrior might finally be of some use.