24th Sun of the 10th Moon, Deoch 17

We did it. The raid last night went exactly as planned, with minimal casualties on our behalf. This old sword of mine is still of some use, it seems… I will surely miss it the day I choose to be a complete Monk.
I am still worried about these Dubhaim, though… We found a huge pentagram, exactly like the one in Astrid, in one of the darkest corners of the forest. As I had expected, that was where the Dubhaim came from… but something is not right. The pentagram in Astrid only summons the Dubhaim if an intelligent being steps on it. The wolves here might be cunning, but they are not intelligent as the Shamans of Astrid. It is impossible that any stray wolf could have done this. There was nobody else than the Dubhaim in the area when we arrived…

1st Sun of the 11th Moon, Deoch 17

I have had nightmares lately. Nightmares of Anaman, or at least a being resembling him, like the one that appeared in Astrid. I do not know why, but I am starting to believe that I am the one who somehow attracted the Dubhaim, or whoever summoned them, to this place. Perhaps it is simply paranoia, but I cannot take that chance. Every last instinct I have tells me that I am endangering the natives here. I cannot risk their lives. Not after all they have done for me. As soon as my raft is built, I will travel back to Temuair. They will be better off that way.