10th Sun of the 11th Moon

The raft is finished. It is a bit shabby, but better than I had expected. It should just get me over the ocean. At least I hope it will. I will be leaving most of my possessions here, including my armour. It is too damaged to do me any good anyway, and the raft might not be able to carry it all.
The villagers have asked me to stay for just a few more days and I accepted. I have come to like these people, and even if I never learned to speak their language, I did learn to communicate with them. I will most definitely miss them when I leave…

15th Sun of the 11th Moon, Deoch 17

Today is the big day. The day I start my journey back to Temuair. My journey back home. I wonder how they will greet me… If the Tuatha de Deo still exists at all. Do they hate me for abandoning them? Or will they be happy to welcome me back, to see that I survived even this? Knowing them, I suppose it will be the latter… that is just how they are. I suppose that is why I love them.
I have been given a chance to start a new life… This will be my greatest challenge yet! I will not have any ink with me on this journey, so this will be my last entry before I arrive in Temuair. I hope I will be in high spirits when I lay my pen on the next page.