15th Sun of the 9th Moon, Deoch 17

It has been quite a bit of time since I last wrote in this diary. I have been living with these people for a moon now, and I have been happy here. However, lately I have been longing to see Temuair once again… Not just Temuair, I miss my friends. At this rate, though, I do not see how I could go back to Temuair even if I wanted to. I do not have a boat, and while I might be able to build a raft, there is no way it could make the journey all the way back.

17th Sun of the 9th Moon, Deoch 17

I noticed something very strange today… I was taking a walk around the island, to get to know my surroundings, when I noticed land not far east of here. I had expected that there would be several small islands out here, but the land I could see on the horizon was huge, more like a continent than an island. Even more enthralling, though, was the colour of the sky on that continent as the sun set. It is a very special colour that I have only seen in one place in this world. The dying red light of Danaan, off the west coast of Suomi. That light is not the same anywhere else on Temuair, or even here on this island…