22nd Sun of the 8th Moon, Deoch 17 (cont.)

They're somewhat primitive people compared to the Temuairan people. Their houses are built of wood, but shabbier than those of Mileth. The tribe works together to hunt for food in the surrounding forests, with some children raised as hunters and others to take care of the village chores, such as cooking. Surprisingly it seems this is not the first time they have had a visitor from Temuair… I have not found out much about this person yet, but it seems to have been a female Aisling…

30th Sun of the 8th Moon, Deoch 17

I asked that they let me help them with some of their chores, so I was allowed to hunt with them. I have to say, these people might be primitive, but they are excellent hunters. Even though they are mundanes, they are easily stronger than many Aislings I have met. The animal life is much like that of the Eastern Woodlands of Temuair, but there is just so much more of it, and the creatures are quite a bit larger. I think I can learn much from these people… and they are happy to teach me.