15th Sun of the 8th Moon, Deoch 17 (cont.)

I'll be using the next few days to attempt to speak with the natives… They seem just as curious about me as I am about them. They seem to be friendly people…

22nd Sun of the 8th Moon, Deoch 17

I have not slept since I arrived here. The people are friendly and all, I doubt they have any intentions of harming me, however, my instincts have not been dulled by this voyage, and I am not comfortable with people I can hardly communicate with.
Apart from my inability to trust them, everything has turned out fantastic with these people. Using body language they have been able to tell me much of this place, and of their ancestors. It seems that Aislings are awakened here in the exact same way they are back home in Temuair, and are considered superior beings, much like the mundanes respect us back home.
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