1st Sun of the 8th Moon, Deoch 17

The predictions of the sailors was true. A storm, a very large one at that, is definitely underway. There is still no land on the horizon and I fear that our ship will not hold up against this storm… I suppose it is the will of the Goddess that I perish here. So be it, I was prepared for this outcome when I planned the journey. I just hope I can be forgiven for bringing these men with me…

15th Sun of the 8th Moon, Deoch 17

What a day… Our ship was completely destroyed by the storm, and I fear the crew has gone with it. Quite a miracle that I survived. I remember drifting for days on my own before finally losing consciousness… Then I awoke in this small village. The people here supposedly found me on a beach, having drifted ashore. I do not understand their language, but it seems they think of me as some sort of God… my Hy-Brasyl Plate might not look quite as impressive as it did before we left Rucesion, but I would think it is the first time they ever saw a man cast in solid gold. No wonder they are impressed. Amazingly, this diary made it through with only few damages. As did most of my equipment. My sword is definitely not as sharp as it used to be, but I should be able to repair it on my own.
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