23rd Sun of the 7th Moon, Deoch 17

Still no sign of land. Food and water supplies are running dangerously low. Worse yet, the men are really starting to show fear. Even I cannot calm them any longer… A fight broke out on deck earlier today. Three of the men were killed before I could stop them… I cannot help but feel guilty for their deaths… It was I who brought them here, after all… No use thinking about it, I have to concentrate on the objective ahead.

30th Sun of the 7th Moon, Deoch 17

Another fight today. Two were killed. Still no land and soon there will not be any water either. Our food consists only of the fish we can catch. I fear a mutiny could start any day now… The Captain still trusts me, but none of the men seem to have any hope left.
Furthermore, I have just been told that a storm is brewing. It looks like a clear sky to me, but compared to these people I know nothing of sailing. I fear this storm could bring an early end to our voyage if it is even nearly as powerful as these sailors claim it to be…