13th Sun of the 7th Moon, Deoch 17 (cont.)

Today also happens to be my birthday, as far as I know. It has already been 28 years since I was born into this wretched world. Although I usually do not care much for this day, I cannot help being slightly fascinated by the fact that I have survived this long, considering what I have been through. And this is just another test… another test in the big game called "Life". It has been a long time since I have been excited by one of these tests. But then again, it has been a long time since I have been on a real adventure. Now the big question is if I will survive this one as well… It is all in the hands of the Goddess, I suppose.

20th Sun of the 7th Moon, Deoch 17

Another week has passed… still no land in sight. I am beginning to believe the sailors' tales of the Edge of the World… but I have to show courage in front of them. I have to inspire them. It is already too late to turn back… I am afraid our food and water supply will not last long either… If there is land out here, I pray that it is close.