13th Sun of the 6th Moon, Deoch 17

So I finally did it… Saying goodbye to the Tuatha de Deo really took it out on me. I did not know I was quite so emotional about them. The original purpose of this voyage was to escape Temuair, but it just dawned upon me what I would lose if I never am to return. For once I truly hope that I will live to see the docks of Rucesion once again.

13th Sun of the 7th Moon, Deoch 17

It has already been a Moon since I left Rucesion. I haven't had time until now to write in this diary… things got a little rough on the ship. It seems a rather large part of the crew was not informed of our destination, and many of them believe in legends of the Edge of the World being where we are going. Being an Aisling, I seem to have their trust, though. At least for now.
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