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Orlandu had been gone for many Deochs, but I remained married to him. Being married helped me to keep my distance from those Aisling men who wanted a bride, any bride. Yet those who got to know me closely knew the truth, that Orlandu had vanished, never to return. There were a few for whom I had deep feelings... but no, that is neither here nor there. Through it all, always ready to comfort me when my heart was broken, was my faithful best friend Pasha Hyrill.

Little by little, I came to realize how deeply I cared for Pasha. The night I could first wear an elle, I hurried to the enchanted garden where he was making potions so that I could show him. Speechless, he gasped.

I show Pasha my new elle "What is it, Pasha?" I asked.

He stammered, "I.. I had forgotten how beautiful you are."

My heart fluttered, but, as he was married to Lizanna, I dared not speak, other than to say, "Oh, Pasha...." I had to turn away. Could it be that he still had feelings for me beyond friendship?

As time went on, the longing to tell Pasha my feelings grew stronger. One evening, as he and I were returning after hunting in the woods, I could contain myself no longer. "I was a fool when I was young," I told him.

"What??" he asked.

Startled that I had said anything, I stopped. "No, I... I mustn't say any more.... I am sorry."

We continued in silence out of the woods, then he stopped me. "Look at me, Allita," he said. I looked up into his eyes. "Are you ever going to tell me?"

I could not speak. He continued, "I can see it in your eyes, Allita... but I would rather hear it from you."

Somehow I found the courage to tell him, "I... think I love you, Pasha..." and then, almost bitterly, "Are you happy now?"

Softly, he replied, "Yes, but I wish it had come several Deochs ago." Tears in my eyes, I nodded and walked off.

I did not know it then, but Pasha and Lizanna had been growing apart even before I told him of my love. He, however, is an extremely loyal man and would do nothing that might cause her pain. They stayed together, but with a growing restlessness. One day, Lizanna told him that she needed to leave Temuair for a while, a time of introspection. He understood and bade her well.

During Lizanna's absence, Pasha and I began to see each other secretly. We both knew that, more than anything in the world, we wanted to be together... but how?

One day in Deoch 9, Lizanna returned from her journey. She and Pasha had a long talk, finally admitting to each other that they were no longer in love. With a sense of relief yet sadness, they decided to get divorced. I decided to formally end my marriage to Orlandu.

Pasha and I began to see each other more openly, going to motley activities together, walking and talking for hours together. Finally, we decided it was time to let everyone know of our love for each other. When we announced to our motley that we were going to go to the Faerie Glade to be joined in Fae love, their reaction was "Its about time!" It seems that the attention we had been paying each other had not gone unnoticed. Priest Sayl performed the rite, and our friends cheered as the faeries flitted over our heads and we were joined together. Fae Love

Not long after this, our dear friend Imajica told Pasha that she looked to him as a father. Pasha was at first surprised, then skeptical, then flattered. We went to the beach where he and Imajica talked for a long time. Imajica convinced Pasha of her sincerity, and Pasha agreed to adopt her. Then Pasha turned to me, saying, "Now there is one thing more to do." He got down on one knee, took my hand in his and asked, "Allita, will you marry me?"

"Oh, Pasha! There is nothing in this world I would like better than to be your wife..." I turned to Imajica. "And your mother, if you will have me." Happily, Imajica immediately accepted me as her mother.

Pasha and I get married Pasha and I were married in the 11th moon of Deoch 10. Confetti Paladine performed the ceremony and afterwards our reaffirmation of Fae love. Wedding Fae love

We have remained happily married ever since. In Deoch 12, Imajica's sister Shilmistra received the Aisling spark and we adopted her too. Imajica's husband Trinity is like a son to us. We are blessed to have such a wonderful family.

My family Shilmistra

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