A Priestess of Ceannlaidir

It was my fondest hope that I could become a priestess serving Ceannlaidir. I journeyed to Piet, and after a joyful reunion with my parents, went into Ceannlaidir's shrine and spoke with my friend Erika. She gave me information about joining the fellowship, and soon I was a Ceannlaidir probate. I gave thanks to Ceannlaidir for accepting me and prayed that I would be able to ascend to full priesthood soon.

With devotion to my prayers and attendance at mass, Ceannlaidir eventually found me worthy to ascend, and I became a priestess of Ceannlaidir by his oath in the summer of Deoch 6.

I remember well the first mass I attended as a Ceannlaidir priestess. Priest Ardok was there and welcomed me, saying, "Ah, another priest!" Priest Migar was also there. I was honored to join them in the service of Ceannlaidir. They instructed me in the process of holding mass. Unfortunately, shortly after this, Ardok vanished from the land, but I will not forget how he helped me.

At that time, Ceannlaidir's temple was smaller than it is now, and our masses were held outside the shrine. We had only one mass each double moon, and Migar and I alternated as hosts. I initiated many new members and we watched our fellowship grow strong. (Yes, this is Migar in the picture with me - in his "blue hair" days.)

An early Ceannlaidir mass

In the Fall of Deoch 6, we heard news that a conflict had broken out at Pravat between the Goblins and the Grimlok, a race we had not known of previously. They were struggling over something called the "calling stone," and worshippers were being asked by their gods to aid one side or the other. Ceannlaidir asked us to assist the Goblins. This was a difficult time in our faith, with many questioning what was about to happen... whether we could really trust the Goblins, and wondering whether our Aisling friends who worshipped other gods would meet Sgrios due to our actions.

At this time, the fellowship had a meeting to better organize. We chose Migar to be the High Priest and agreed to follow Ceannlaidir's dictate to assist the Goblins. On the day the Pravat caves opened, a large group of followers met outside the shrine. We marched off together to try to do Ceannlaidir's bidding.

What chaos greeted us when we arrived at Pravat! No one knew where the Goblin King was so that we could complete our alliance with him, nor did we know where to find the stones or how to collect them. We entered the caves and saw Goblin and Grimlok, heard their bellowing, and tried to make our way around unharmed and unimpeded by the many other Aislings who had also come to join in the fray. Alas... I wandered into an area where I was overpowered by a group of Grimlok. They forced me against the wall and beat me mercilessly and I met with Sgrios that day.

Soon, however, Ceannlaidir's faithful began collecting dark stones and returning them to Bahadir, the Goblin king. It turns out that our followers were the only ones assisting the Goblins, and a few weeks later Bahadir rewarded us by allowing us to summon creatures of war to fight by our sides. (Prior to the Pravat war, only followers of Sgrios could summon creatures.) From this time forward, legends would tell of the faithful collecting Goblin calling stones for Ceannlaidir.

Throughout the Deochs, I have continued in service to Ceannlaidir. I have watched the fellowship grow in numbers and have initiated over 170 Aislings to the faith. Our temple was expanded to accommodate larger gatherings, and now mass is held inside the temple twice each double moon. I hold one of the masses and try to be present to assist at the other one, if needed.

A modern Ceannlaidir mass

My faith in Ceannlaidir remains strong, and I am honored to be able to serve him.


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