Memorable Times, Good Friends

As the days passed, I learned my way around my new town and I met many other Aislings. I found my way to the Eastern Woodlands and went into the Enchanted Garden where I soon discovered that I was not powerful enough to kill a wasp. I next wandered to the wastelands. As I entered, I met a pair of monks who were going to hunt there. Arrakis and Pasha invited me to join their party, and soon we were taking on the creatures of the wastelands.

Days turned to moons and I continued to grow in experience and insight. I learned new spells and explored new towns. Kyulan contined to offer his assistance and guidance. There were many more who were also very helpful to me as I made my way. One day, as I stood in Mileth, the wizardess Ayshilin greeted me. She asked if I had found the spot in the enchanted garden where I could make red potions. As I had not, she kindly took me to the garden and showed me a magical tree where the faeries lurked. It was here that I first made beothaich deum potions. On another day, some evil magic trapped me in a statue just outside the temple of choosing. I cried for help, and the warrior Faeron and the monk Twila came to my rescue and gave me arcane scrolls. I had never seen one of these scrolls before, but I quickly read one and found myself free! I have never forgotten how these kind Aislings were willing to stop what they were doing in order to help me, without ever having met me before.

I met and hunted with many Aislings, but found myself most commonly accompanying Orlandu Orlandu(and usually Tareth Tareth) or Pasha Pasha and a mantis (who was often with other monks, particularly Arrakis). We grew to be great friends as well as hunting partners.

Before too long I reached the 11th insight and could wear a Mystic Gown. Orlandu offered to travel to Loures and get it for me, and I gratefully accepted. When Orlandu returned, I tried on my new dress. It fit perfectly! Mystic Gown I hugged Orlandu and thanked him for his generosity. Imagine my surprise when he grinned and gave me a pair of coral earrings too!

One day in the late winter of Deoch 5, while Orlandu and I were hunting in the crypt, he stopped for a moment. "Allita," he said, "will you marry me?"

Startled, I was not sure he was serious. "Are you asking me for real, Orlandu?"

"Yes," he said, and took my hands.

"I accept."

Orlandu was eager to get married as soon as possible and began making arrangements right away. He contacted the priestess Sakura, who agreed to perform the ceremony and offered to let me borrow her wedding dress. Ayshilin let me borrow her veil. Orlandu was able to borrow a tuxedo and began inviting guests. I was concerned that my friends Tareth and Pasha were not about at the time, as I did not think it right for me to get married without telling them... nevertheless, I was caught up in the preparations and swept along. I remember wondering how Pasha in particular would take the news of my marriage.

As Orlandu and I walked to the Mileth Chapel, we happened to run into Pasha, who had just awakened. "I am getting married!" I exclaimed. "Will you come to the wedding?"

For a moment I thought I saw a glimmer of disappointment in Pasha's eyes, but he smiled and said, "Congratulations." He accompanied us to the chapel where he took a front row seat.

I worried that my marriage may have hurt Pasha's feelings or that he thought I would not spend time with him anymore. "But we can still hunt together," I whispered to him.

"Of course," he nodded and whispered back.

Guests continued to arrive, but Sakura was nowhere to be found. We waited quite a while but it seemed that she was going to be unable to perform the wedding after all... and that I would not be able to borrow her wedding dress. I was disappointed not to be able to get married in a wedding gown, but was so thrilled to be marrying this handsome, strong warrior that it did not matter.

Not wanting to keep our guests waiting any longer, we asked the priestess MayHeart to perform the ceremony. She consented - the wedding was indeed going to happen!

Happily, Tareth woke up just in time and we quickly invited him. He was a bit unhappy that we had almost gotten married without him being there or even knowing about it, but hurried to the chapel in time for the ceremony.

To tell the truth, I don't remember much of the ceremony itself - I was so excited that it just flew by! Soon, Orlandu and I were promising Naomhan that we were sincere and wished to be married, and he pronounced us husband and wife.

Orlandu and I get married

Orlandu kissed me and we turned to thank our guests for joining us at our special time. Pasha shook Orlandu's hand and congratulated us, then silently left the chapel.

As our guests were leaving, Sakura rushed in. She apologized for missing the wedding, explaining that magical forces had kept her from Temuair. We assured her that we understood. She had the wedding gown with her, though, and let me try it on. At last I looked like a bride on my wedding day! The bride and groom

One day not long after our wedding, Orlandu and Tareth were talking with the beggar at the Mileth Tavern, who told them of a terror lurking in the crypt. Ever ready to take on a challenge, they asked me to join them on their quest to slay the terror. Nervously, I accepted. We told the beggar that the three of us would go fight the terror, and he told us where to go to find it.

We walked to the area of the crypt the old beggar had spoken of. As I walked around, something reminded me of something the beggar had said, and I soon found myself in a small room with many pillars and only one door. Tareth arrived shortly after. We called to Orlandu, but, although he was the leader of the party, he could not seem to enter the room.

We soon were under attack by a scorpion. Tareth fought furiously and I did my best to keep him healthy, but we were overpowered. Soon we both were looking Sgrios in the eye. Tareth and I went back to that room several times but finally were forced to admit that the two of us were not going to be able to finish this quest. We did our best to get our items which had fallen to the ground and went back to tell the beggar that we had failed.

I was quite shaken after the experience of fighting the terror, and for many moons got nervous any time I walked near the area of the crypt where we had begun the quest. For Deochs, Aislings would ask me to go with them to fight the terror, but I would always decline. Tareth also suffered a crisis of confidence and shortly afterwards left Temuair.

Orlandu and I were happy and enjoyed hunting together. He took me to new places in the woods where we battled creatures I had only heard of before - kobolds Kobold and goblins! Goblin

Pasha and I continued to be close friends, although I always suspected that he wished it could be something more. He would ask how my marriage was going, and nod silently when I told him that everything was fine between Orlandu and me. Soon, however, he met a warrior named Lizanna. They fell in love and eventually got married.

One day in the summer of Deoch 6, Orlandu was called off on a dangerous journey outside the boundaries of Temuair. Not wishing to put me in danger, he insisted that I stay. "I'll be back soon," he promised. Days turned to moons, and moons to Deochs, but no word came back from him. I waited, hoping against hope that nothing had happened to him... but it was in vain. Finally, I came to accept that Orlandu must have been killed on his journey. I mourned my loss, but my faith and the company of good friends helped me carry on. Pasha let me cry on his shoulder, and my dear friend Zrafh comforted me when I was feeling low. Pasha's brother-in-law Sareth was always willing to talk when I needed someone.

The thrill of the hunt helped keep my mind off my troubles, and I often found myself hunting with my friends Pasha, Jac, Jacand Theodrin. Theodrin In retrospect, I can see that all of them wished they could be more than friends... but at the time I did not know. I also got to know the gallant warrior Caere Caere and Iand his friend Lamorak, who showed me a way to hunt which was extremely effective and kept me very safe. Unfortunately, this "door method" is no longer possible, due to the magic which pulls us across portals.

Eventually, in the fall of Deoch 7, Jac convinced me to try to slay the terror once more. Pasha came along too, and this time, after a difficult battle, we were victorious! I have never felt compelled to return, even though I have been told that new terrors lurk in dark corners of the crypt. I am content with the memory of this conquest, and shall leave it to others to slay what terrors remain.


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